Cycles AR

An augmented reality listening experience for the collaborative experimental album Cycles by Modern Nature & Friends.

Pit Demon

Mosh pit simulator.

Packing Up

VR experience about packing up your childhood bedroom and reflecting on memories.


It's like foosball, but with your voice.


My latest project at Cogent. Nurbits is a music puzzle game that teaches you about neuroscience. Help the members of a robot band play songs by building neural circuits in their brains!

I'm Positive

I'm Positive is an educational interactive narrative interspersed with quirky mini-games. You play as a young man, who finds out from a former partner that he may be HIV positive. You are then presented with a series of choices to either get tested and seek treatment, or ignore the circumstances. Winner of the CDC & HHS Games for Health Game Jam 2014.

Experience Haiku

Experience haiku by constructing famous poems over different time periods. Awarded "Best Educational Game" at the KSU fall 2016 game jam.


My first pico-8 game, for pico-8 jam #2. An arcade style shmup inspired by Ikaruga and Everyday Shooter.


Support is a 2D puzzle platform game made at the 2014 SPSU Summer Game Jam. The game was designed to raise awareness about teen emotional health for Jennifer Ann's Group.

I Don't Wanna Cry

A music video game I made for Tommy Toussaint to coincide with the release of his EP Computer Snacks. Available for free for iOS and Android.

Against the Gradient / Biology Bytes: Transporters

Against the Gradient is a puzzle game about cellular transport. Add protein transporters to a membrane to get molecules and ions from a starting concentration to a goal concentration. Biology Bytes: Transporters takes the same physics based model of diffusion created for Against the Gradient and presents it as an interactive guide. It provides a more gentle introduction to the concepts that Against the Gradient challenges you to think deeply about.

Osy Osmosis

I ported this educational game about osmosis from PC to iOS and Android, and recently worked on a big update that completely overhauled the graphics and added a dynamic solvation system to really show osmosis in action.

Melon Collie

I made this game for the 2012-in-one GDC pirate kart in one night. They collected short text "game ideas" from kickstarter donors and someone's idea was "melon collie." The game combines stupidly literal dogs and fruit with Smashing Pumpkins nostalgia.


My team's 2012 Global Game Jam game. A two player battle between a ouroboros and a human running around it's back. When one wins they switch places and the cycle begins again.

Component Copier

Not a game, but a tool for my game engine of choice, Unity. Let's you easily copy and paste components and their variable values.

Maybe You Should Take A Break

The game I made at the SPSU Fall 2011 game jam. My first first person game. Also my first "art game."


The game my team made at the 2011 Global Game Jam. "SuperMegaTurboX64Box is an exploration of the birth, life, and death of mechanics, platforms, and aesthetics of game systems. It is also about the consequences of what you chose to play and the long term life of the game industry."

Spanish Gold

The game I made for the 2010 Global Game Jam. It's a two player prisoner's dilemma type scenario.

and more

Channel Drift - A new comedy FMV game coming someday...

Mating Habits of the Bulbus Tri-Prong - Weird game I made at the 2014 Global Game Jam. You play as a member of an alien species known as the bulbus tri-prong. Exchange knowlege with others of your species and the world will open up to you.

Swimulation - Designed to prevent drowning and aimed at teenagers who have limited swimming skills and might be embarrassed to take a swim class, but would play a video game. Developed for the Games for Health game jam in Fall 2013 at SPSU, sponsored by the CDC.

Ration Roulette - A prototype made during the Healthy Games Challenge game jam, part of the Apps for Healthy Kids competition organized by the Obama administration. The game is meant to teach kids how many calories are in common foods, and how to choose appropriate portion sizes of both healthy and unhealthy foods.

Kudzu Clash - An educational game prototype about kudzu. I did the scripting and technical stuff, and Josh Marsh did the art.

Superdogs - An unusual collaboration, I was given artwork by 11 year old Erin Wilson and tasked with turning it into a working game prototype.

Clown Town - This is another game that was made at my location of the 2010 Global Game Jam. I contributed a bit to it.